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Turning a song idea into a full production is an art in and of itself. It takes good writing, arranging, and above all sincere and genuine performances from all musicians involved. 

Listeners hear and respond to intangible aspects of a production, and they often can tell when a performance is free spirited, or conservative. They can sense an off rhythm, hear a dissonant note. But they can't explain what it is, or how to fix it. 

I offer a third party perspective that is empathetic to the non-musician, to the average listener. I will help you get out of your own way so that you can perform as your most authentic self. 


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Andrew Parker-Renga

Singer/Songwriter Andrew Parker-Renga describes his songwriting as coming of age stories drawn from observations of the world and personal experiences.  The music that accompanies his lyrics is pop, folk and rock.  


With “The Dream Come to Life,” Andrew tells a story about love, intimacy and what they become when people have children.  It’s a reminder to be grateful for where you are and what you have.  


Andrew performs around Western, MA and with the band ETA.  He lives in Leverett, MA with his wife and two children.

Learn more at  

The Dream Come to LifeAndrew Parker-Renga
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Jonathan cody

Born in the heart of the pioneer valley, Jonathan Cody was raised by an enriched music community."Music has been impactful on my life and I want to contribute my voice. I'm an aspiring artist with a desire to learn, create and heal. My music is self expression and personal therapy. I believe that anyone of any skill level can make music and a leave a mark on their community."

 Jonathan loves raw, organic music, and you can hear it in this throw back to grunge era rock. “Seattle was a song I made in my youth and I believe it is the starting point to my musical journey. I look forward to bringing y’all along my journey and I hope you enjoy my official releases!"

SeattleJonathan Cody
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Sarah St Germain

Sarah St. Germain is an American singer songwriter and actress. She writes in a variety of styles and genres. Her love for soulful jazz is evident in this big-band throw back single, Million Miles. 


Sarah had a near death experience at a young age, and Million Miles is the song she wrote following that experience. It took her years to come forward and speak about it.


She tells her story through lyrics and melody, hoping to inspire, uplift, and connect with others who have had similar struggles. 

Million MilesSarah St. Germain
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Fever is a dance band out of Western Massachusetts. Known for being the best cover band in New England, Fever decided to use their wide range of experience to create an original song of their own. "When You Feel this Good" is there first single, with several more songs to come in the near future. Fever has shared the stage with artists such as Aretha Franklin, The Four Tops, The Temptations, Charles Neville, Yusef Lateef, Johnny Mathis, and have played and recorded with countless other acts across the country.

When You Feel This GoodFever
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Jameson Martin

Jameson Martin is a singer-songwriter and visual artist based in Northampton, MA. With vivid lyricism anchored to rhythmic acoustic harmony, Jameson paints poignant pictures of love and loss. His sound reflects both the Folk/Americana artists he grew up listening to like as well as modern singer-songwriters, like Ray LaMontagne and The Avett Brothers.

Everything's AlrightJameson Martin
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Holland Silva is a young, indie-pop musician from Western Mass. She’s been writing and recording songs since age 11,  has three albums out, and is currently working on a fourth. Her style is primarily piano based with lyrics on the hardships and beauties of growing up. Learn more >

We've Already Started Holland Silva
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