Turning a song idea into a full production is an art in and of itself. It takes good writing, arranging, and above all sincere and genuine performances from all musicians involved. 

Listeners hear and respond to intangible aspects of a production, and they often can tell when a performance is free spirited, or conservative. They can sense an off rhythm, hear a dissonant note. But they can't explain what it is, or how to fix it. 

I offer a third party perspective that is empathetic to the non-musician, to the average listener. I will help you get out of your own way so that you can perform as your most authentic self. 


Jameson Martin

Jameson Martin is a singer-songwriter and visual artist based in Northampton, MA. With vivid lyricism anchored to rhythmic acoustic harmony, Jameson paints poignant pictures of love and loss. His sound reflects both the Folk/Americana artists he grew up listening to like as well as modern singer-songwriters, like Ray LaMontagne and The Avett Brothers.

Everything's AlrightJameson Martin
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Holland Silva is a young, indie-pop musician from Western Mass. She’s been writing and recording songs since age 11,  has three albums out, and is currently working on a fourth. Her style is primarily piano based with lyrics on the hardships and beauties of growing up. Learn more >

We've Already Started Holland Silva
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